While discussing life after the corporation, two of us (Hernan and Steve) began to talk about starting a small business making sauces and salsas to sell in markets and gourmet shops. While working through the details of what it would take to get started, we both realized that while we love to eat, we both love wine even more!

We initially thought of only purchasing grapes and making wine, but that did not really have a lot of “soul”, which was really the point of starting something together. A quick look at the various “wine condo” properties in Mendoza was encouraging, as we could almost make a business plan that would work, but it just didn’t feel right. As Hernan was involved in the wine business while owning the above mentioned cafe, he set out with his friends in the wine business in Mendoza to see what kind of small vineyards were available for sale.

That search found us the most amazing property we could have ever imagined, right in the heart of the “Tiera de Malbec” Lujan de Cuyo, in the town of Perdriel. Perdriel and the neighboring town of Agrelo are home to many of the top producers in Argentina, and in fact is the only region designated with the title of D.O.C.

As the project grew in scope, we immediately recognized the need for help in financing and managing the product, so we brought in the two people we most enjoy spending time and drinking wine with, Enrique and Gary. Our partnership is as balanced as our wines, with two Argentines, and two Canadians.

Our single-vineyard Malbec and super premium Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine will be available mid-2016 and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed the process of making them!!


Enrique, Hernan, Gary, and Steve (left to right)

The Owners -  Enrique, Hernan, Gary, and Steve